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Home Eng - Midas Candy

Active and Passive Income with
Mcashchain & Midas Ecosystem

Who can benefit from the Ecosystem

Players & Gamers

Play various blockchain games to win great prizes. Mine valuable tokens as you play too!

KOLs & Community Leaders

Grow, Engage and Monetize your community. Evangelize and earn referral fee & commissions upon users’ installation and usage.


Opportunity to invest in projects & start-ups with  great potential for growth


Join various campaigns from the ecosystem partners and receive airdrops & rewards 

Cryptocurrency income for gamers / players

gold coin

Support all types of crytocurrency

Users can use various cryptocurrency in the ecosystem, starting with USDT, Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), MCC, MCASH, KLAYTOKO, TOKOM  and counting..


Games and Applications

More and more partners are joining our ecosystem, creating various awesome games and applications for both normal users as well as professional players.

mario mushroom


Mine & Earn cryptos as you Play!
Enjoy good rewards in both single and multi-player games, or tournaments organized frequently by different groups & fan clubs.

Top Applications

The popular Killer 13

Online Poker Texas Hold’em and Sit ‘n’ Go 

Provably fair bets backed by transparent open-sourced contract. Dice, Coin flip, roll, rain, 4D, baccarat and many more.

First decentralized Go learning and playing platform

KOL & Community Leaders

Top profit Games and Applications

Type : Game 
Profit : 24%
Currency : TOMO

Type : Investment 
Profit : 20%
Currency : MCASH

Type : Exchange
Profit : 60%
Currency : USDT

Top Campaign

Share Lucky Wheel and Earn more

KOL, Community Leaders, Referrers will receive free Lucky Wheel spins if the referees use their referral code.

Grow, Engage and Monetize your Community with Jinn

Jinn is the advance crypto bot developed by TokenBot.ai that helps KOLs to grow, engage their community on Telegram. Community members can play games, tip others, trade/swap cryptos directly on any existing Telegram group. Community Leaders will earn income from these trades/swaps/plays too.

Everyone can join & earn something from the ecosystem

Watch out for various programs & campaigns that you can join to earn valuable rewards via tip, airdrops or free spins on Midas wallet‘s Lucky Wheel

On-going Programs

Crypto Investors

Invest in games and applications as well as different projects that bring good passive income.

Lending at Vinex Network exchange

Join cryptocurrency peer-to-peer lending system at Vinex Network Exchange

Yearly profit up to 15%

Staking Dome

Own virtual land on Staking dome and receive 50% profit of Mcashdice

Yearly profit up to 36%


Strategy game that also gives 50% edge of Mcashdice

Yearly profit up to 36%

Are you developer? Join us